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Where is the parking lot Parko - Park & ​​Go located?

Parking lot Parko - Park & ​​Go is located at 132 Mimi Balkanska Str., very close to Sofia Airport, Terminals 1 and 2.

How to book a parking space at Parko - Park & ​​Go online?

Fill in the date and time of renting and vacating a parking space on our website www.parko.bg.

Press the "Book" button, then fill in your vehicle registration number.

Fill in your name, surname, e-mail address and telephone number.

You pay according to the options and we are waiting for you at 132 Mimi Balkanska Street.

How do I book if I arrive at 140 Mimi Balkanska Street without making a reservation?
  • Come to the reception of IBIS HOTEL and state that you want to make a reservation for parking.

  • Payment is made in cash in BGN or by debit / credit card of POS Terminal as an employee of IBIS Hotel will take you and pick you up from Sofia Airport.

Where to pay for a parking reservation Parko - Park & ​​Go?

Payment is made on our website www.parko.bg by debit / credit card or Paypal.

Payment in cash in BGN (BGN) or at our POS Terminal at the reception of IBIS Hotel at 132 Mimi Balkanska Street.

Paying online with us is cheaper than paying in cash!

Where can I find my code and parking space for Parko - Park & ​​Go?

Your parking space will be sent immediately after booking your phone by SMS and email address you registered with your reservation.

How to park at Parko - Park & ​​Go?

The e-mail sent by Parko - Park & Go has a link to the parking lot.

At the entrance of the IBIS Hotel, pick up your parking ticket and go to the reception from the main entrance.

Show them the reservation and they will direct you to your parking space.

Leave your car and enjoy a good rest while we take care of it.

I want a transfer from / to Sofia Airport Terminals 1 and 2. What should I do?

We offer 24/7 Bus Transfer to IBIS Hotel. Up to 8 people with luggage can take one course.

When you arrive at IBIS hotel just say at the reception and you will be taken away immediately. To return you call the numbers listed in the reservation.

Which vehicles are allowed to park in the Parko - Park & ​​Go car park?

Only vehicles of category B and B1 may stop in the parking lot.

Who should I contact in case of difficulties or questions?

In case of difficulties call +02 944 4488. Our operator will help and assist you.