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140 Mimi Balkanska Str

Location & contacts

Call:   02 944 44 88
M9PW+MV София

DIRECTIONS to 132 Mimi Balkanska St.

• Bul. Brussels:

If you arrive on Brussels Blvd., drive to the traffic light in front of Terminal 1, then turn left. On Mimi Balkanska Street you will immediately see a booth with a green sign of Transpress on the left. Turn left infront of the booth and arrive at the Parko - Park & ​​Go car park, which is on your right.

• Bul. Botevgradsko shose:

If you arrive on Botevgradsko Shose Blvd., drive until you pass the airport and immediately turn right to the airport. Continue along Iztochna Tangenta Street straight until you pass Hristo Botev and turn left for Mimi Balkanska Street. Drive along Mimi Balkanska Street until you pass the Ibis Hotel and on the right you will see Parko - Park & ​​Go advertising vinyls and a booth with a green Transpres sign. Turn right infront of the booth to arrive at the Parko - Park & ​​Go car park on your right

The car park is open every day from 00:00 to 24:00 without days off.
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